Shipping/Processing time update

Thank you for purchasing from our website, we really appreciate you and your support. We would like to reclarify the processing time and shipment terms for Kem beauty so that you are aware and take this into consideration before and after making a purchase. Especially for our new customers.

We are a small business, a team of 3. We get many orders a week and hand wrap/gift wrap all of them with love. Everything is fulfilled and handled in house. This is why we ask for MAXIMUM 5 days processing time from the date of your order. Processing time is the maximum amount of time it takes to package your order etc, the reason it takes so long is because we have a lot of orders to do at any given time and it takes a while to gift-wrap them all. Your order will be sent to Royal mail within this processing time for them to process and send your goods to you. Royal mail receive a large magnitude of orders from us a week so they process them within 1 working day usually. This then means that depending on the royal mail service it will take 2-5 working days for your items to get to you if you are in the UK and up to 3 weeks MAX if you are internationally based this international time period accounts for delays also however you should receive your order a week from dispatch if you are based outside of the UK.

Although we have stated this in several places, it is important as a business that we remind and clarify this information to manage our customers expectations of us. As the business grows it is natural that new customers expectations of us are different as they probably think our team is bigger than it actually is. We are working on hiring more staff and hopefully would like to introduce collections and next day dispatch soon.

We are committed to improving processes and products always. this is why your current order will always be better than your last. 

Again, if you are dissatisfied with anything we do, please pop us an email or dm and we will always do our best to rectify it, because our customers are the heart of our brand.

Thanks for supporting our small brand

Lots of light,


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