The Mini Essentials Set Step by Step routine

Introducing The Mini Essentials set - our classic skincare bestsellers come together to form a mini but mighty 4 step system for clearer, brighter and healthy skin. The set is comprised of our Soothing Cleansing oil, Super Skin cleanser, Pink Clay mask and Hydrating Toner all in an adorable 60ml version.

This 4 step system is designed to be followed as a full skincare regime which will considerably improve your skins’ appearance and health. Oil cleansing as step one will breakdown sebum and dirt on skin's surface and in pores. Using the Super Skin cleanser as step 2 will give skin a thorough deep clean whilst also nourishing skin and improving skins appearance, followed with applying the pink clay mask 1-3 times a week, the pink clay mask will brighten and smooth skin. Finally seal all steps together with our Hydrating toner to nourish and hydrate skin for a radiant glow.


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