The 3 KLB Products you will want to get your hands on! #KLBCAM


As summer nears its end and we find ourselves adapting to the weather changes, one thing we needn't change or compromise is our makeup routine and our love to shine! Our KLB dolls have come through with the pretty goodness this week using the best Kemi Lux Beauty products and we HAD to feature them and share the details (because we love you).

1 Cloud Nine

A new addition to our lipgloss family via the Elysium collection: our new lustre gloss in the shade cloud 9 has been a best seller this week. We think this is due to its nude pink shimmery tones, but more importantly because of its plumping qualities that give you that pucker to die for! It is sheer toned and packs in so much shine, all you need is one swipe for a seamless, long-lasting application. As seen in our first picture (A beautiful makeup look created by @GlowByLaura on instagram) This gloss will perfect your lips.


2 Chola Lux Gloss

Chola has always been a crowd fave. As seen on Mikai (Bottom right hand corner @MikaiMikai) its long lasting and non sticky formula lives up to its lux feel. Our fave part about this gloss is its clear gloss that is packed with iridescent shimmer and glitter particles, proving to give you a sparkly sultry shine every use! What makes this gloss a must-have is that A) You can use it on its own or on top of a lipstick to add extra KLB dimension, and B) it's infused with key ingredients like jojoba seed oil and shea butter, so it has the formula of a high end gloss but still conditions and        feels super hydrating on your lips.



3 Nubian Glow Hi-gleam highlighter 

This is undoubtedly a personal and public favourite! We could never stop making this shade! this might just be available forever because the pigment is unrivalled! Packed with finely milled gold pigment and hi-gleam particles- our highlighter blends and glides on a dream. Our second KLB doll (featured in top right picture and bottom left above: @PerolaJanice @JayShen) created a bright tropical carnival vibes rainbow cut crease using our Nubian Glow highlighter in her tear ducts and on her cheeks. This what it was created for! Talk about a multi-purpose true deep gold glow. 



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