Ultra-Glow Face Oil
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Ultra-Glow Face Oil

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The new Ultra-Glow oil serum is packed with nutritious oils that contain essential skin superfoods and vitamins to promote cellular regeneration and turnover. This oil has been carefully created by scientists to combat dull skin, dark marks, scarring and hyper pigmentation. When used daily, this oil serum will give guaranteed positive results. This targeted oil is proven to brighten skin, fade dark marks, even skin tone, and improve skin texture. 

This miracle serum is packed with:

Rose hip oil - Exfoliating, brightening, regenerating, Vitamin A + C + anti-inflammatory

Argan oil - super nutritious- contains vital fatty acids, it is healing, acne-fighting, an antioxidant + protects from sun damage

Sunflower seed oil - fights against post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), it is also skin protecting, healing, + acne fighting

Avocado oil - Moisturising + protects the skin barrier

Meadowfoam oil - balances sebum production and unclogs pores

Broccoli seed oil - a skin superfood: very soothing + protects against UV damage

Skin-bright active molecules - Skin-smart molecules that induce lightening of dark marks, brightens hyperpigmentation, prevents skin damage caused by UV radiation, non damaging, and more effective that kojic acid or alpha arbutin

Vitamin E - Healing, soothing, brightening and moisturising


For best results, use as part of a nightime skincare routine at the serum stage, please find our skincare routine here 

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