About us

Hi, welcome to Kem Beauty!

We create products designed to upgrade your current beauty and skincare routine. We carefully design and develop products with you, our customers in mind. Things that will perfect your makeup and skin but also become a must-have product in your cosmetic bag. We know how many beauty products generally become unused in our beauty routines, things we once loved but have eventually found better or got bored- Kem Beauty aims to bring you products that you'll never forget or want to lose. Here you’ll find skincare, makeup, body care, and fragrance, all intentionally perfected to be worthy of your use.

We started in a university dorm room in 2016, now 3 years later we have a stock room and international customers like you that keep us alive (!) that must mean we are doing something right?

Our founder, Kemi is a makeup artist dedicated to creating products she wishes were in her makeup kit and that you tell us you wish existed. We believe in intentionally created products with you in mind, listening to out customers (please tell us if it's too big too small or too heavy to travel with). Above all we believe that everyone has a seat at the present-day beauty table and a voice in the beauty conversation.