4D Mink Eyelashes - Bae'cay
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4D Mink Eyelashes - Bae'cay

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Bae'cay lashes are part of our lengthy range - 25mm to be exact. They are the ultimate pair of wispy, fluffy but sexily lengthy faux 3d mink lashes.

These wispy lashes give a tropical, sultry and sexy energy and frame any eye shape perfectly. Designed with alternating lash lengths on the band, this lash accentuates the eye shape and mimics the typical semi-permanent eyelash style.

This is for the girls that want the long eyelashes but still want the slightly thinner density wispy effect.

Super flexible band for easy application!

Re-useable minimum 15 times. To store, place into lash tray as when first received. Place carefully into lash box, be careful not to squash lashes. This will maintain shape and fluffiness.

How to apply:

  • Check the fit of the lash along the lash line, trim to fit eye width for better results if necessary.
  • Apply false lash glue along the band and allow to dry to a tacky finish.
  • Press the lashes against the lash line to secure.


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