Hydra-Glow Serum
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Hydra-Glow Serum

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The new Hydra-Glow serum is a supercharged, high-performance hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid and 3 essential super-fruit extracts that target, condition, hydrate and improve skin's health and texture. 

Dehydrated with a compromised moisture barrier skin can be irritable, dull, prone to flare ups and have an over texture appearance. This serum has been carefully created by scientists to combat dehydrated skin and add targeted moisture to all skin types and to repair the skins moisture barrier.

When used daily, this hydrating serum will give guaranteed positive results such as a significant increase in hydration, moisturising, elasticity, smoother skin, plump and supple skin and smaller pores with an instant over night effect.


This Super-serum contains:

Hyaluronic acid: Holds up to 1000x its weight in water, draws water to the skin thus moisturising it to create supple dewy and hydrated skin. Our hyaluronic acid has a small molecular weight to ensure that the HA will penetrate deep into the skin. The smaller the molecule, the further the serum can penetrate skin, for hydration throughout skin’s layers and a visibly plumped-up effect.

Cranberry extract: The acid in cranberries acts as an exfoliant and vitamins like A and C help boost collagen production. Cranberries are also very skin-soothing and  fight free radicals that may cause wrinkles. It also keeps your skin moisturised.

Raspberry extract: Raspberry fruit contains a broad mix of antioxidants, including ascorbic acid (vitamin C) beta-carotene, glutathione, quercetin, and vitamin E.  Raspberry can inhibit enzymes in skin that lead to signs of discolorations and loss of firmness. Of course, these benefits also rely on daily use of broad spectrum sunscreen to protect skin from exposure to UV light

Grapefruit extract: Grapefruit extract has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. It’s useful in the treatment of candidiasis and other skin infections, including acne and dermatitis. It works so well for clogged skin because it regulates the build-up of oil in the pores. It’s also an astringent and anti-inflammatory.



For best results, use as part of a day time and nigh-time skincare routine, apply to DAMP skin after applying toner/face mist. Apply before moisturisers and other serums to ensure effective absorption of products. Please find our skincare routine here 

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